Philomena’ gets its R rating lowered to PG-13

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I got  my articles from The Guardian, The LA Times, and  Airing News

For all of those teenage boys dying to see Judi Dench playing an elderly Irish woman: Now you don’t have to bring your parents to get into “Philomena.”

In a victory against the Motion Picture Assn. of America that could be as much publicity win as potential box-office triumph, the  Weinstein Co. successfully appealed the R rating given to the Dench movie, which had been handed  PG-13 mark.

“Philomena,” which stars the Academy Award winner as a mother searching for a son she was forced to give up for adoption 50 years earlier, was initially given the restrictive rating because it included more than one utterance of a certain expletive, an automatic trigger in most instances of an R rating.


The only Critique I can give would be Airing News didn’t have any thing. There was two paragraphs to the article and it gave a link to the LA Times piece.  Other than that I felt like the other two articles did a good job and they both told the story in two different ways, but they both had the main points.


‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ release moved to Valentine’s Day 2015

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So I got my three articles from CNN, The Huffingtonpost, and Enterainment Weekly

The article overall was about how the most talked about book/movie Fifty Shades of Grey is coming out on Valentines day 2015  instead of the summer of 2015.  Acorrdind to CNN, more pressing is the crowded summer schedule Fifty Shades was originally competing in. Originally set to hit screens August 1, 2014, the film, based on the sexy best-seller by E L James, was set to go up opposite Marvel’s potential new franchise Guardians of the Galaxy starring Chris Pratt and Benicio del Toro. Internationally things are even busier, with many studios pushing their big tentpoles out of next June and July — to avoid competition from the World Cup in Brazil — and into August.

“Together with the international marketing and distribution team, we’ve been looking really closely at the August date and becoming more and more convinced that the right thing to do for the movie was to push it,” Langley says. “So even if Charlie had stayed, we still would have been making the date change.”

My overall critique is that all three of these articles gave the same information but CNN had more information than the other two. The Huffington post give just all the main points of what CNN had and just kept it short and to the point. Entertainment Weekly gave an extra link to get more information but they had a good amount of information.


‘The Real World’ shakeup: MTV changes format for first time

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So I  found this article on CNN, Entertainment weekly, and ET online  about how the reality show “Real World” is changing to Real World Ex-Plosion. “They’ll start to form bonds, with each other and with San Francisco locals. Then, one month into the three-month shoot, they’ll go away for a day trip. When they return, they’re in for a huge shock: Their exes have moved in too.” Sound crazy to go on a trip and  just to come back and see you EX living in the house as your cast mate. This season they will also be giving the cast mates smartphone which is also new. The show airs sometime next year and I can’t wait!! 

My critique for the CNN: it was a good article and gave a lot of information about they show and this ideas that they have for upcoming seasons.

ET: Had the same information and they put a picture up of the cast members and they add some more extra information . it was a little shorter than CNN article.

Lastly Entertainment Weekly : was short and left out some information but had some of the same point that  CNN had.

Jimmy Kimmel joins Oprah on cover of O, the Oprah Magazine


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 So this post is going to all be the same.. all three of my articles are from the LA TimesHuffington Post, and Atlanta Black Star.

“On the cover of December’s O, the Oprah Magazine, the television queen wears a scarlet gown from White by Vera Wang Exclusively at David’s Bridal. The dress has a 15-foot train, which in the cover photo stretches into a workshop where an elfin Jimmy Kimmel seems to be stitching it up. The magazine, Oprah’s annual “favorite things” issue, is slated to hit newsstands on Nov. 12. 

Nicolas Ghesquiere, formerly of Balenciaga, was named artistic director of Louis Vuitton. He replaces Marc Jacobs, who left to turn his attention to his own label.”

Critique: In the LA Times had more of a lengthy article and gave more detail than the other two. The paragraph was too long and should have been 1 or 2 paragraphs. Other than that it was a good article and I enjoyed reading it.


Films Films Films!!

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Today I will be overwhelming you with articles about Films! My first article is from the BBC.

The name of this article is Dallas Buyers Club: A new film tackles Aids. it is about Matthew McConaughey is the most high-profile American star to portray a person with Aids on the big screen since Tom Hanks in the 1993 film Philadelphia.

McConaughey plays Texas Aids activist, Ron Woodroof in the new film Dallas Buyers Club, which is released in the US this week.

My critique to this article: I feel the article was too short and I feel like the writer should do 1-2 para’s because its it seems like its too much when it all together ( fix the format) .  Other than that it sounds like a very interesting movie.

My next article is from The Baltimore Sun. 

This was more of a review of  the movie Ender’s Game

” With its sensitive, tactically brilliant 12-year-old hero, “Ender’s Game ” is a bit of a tweener, neither triumph nor disaster, a war-games fantasy with a use-by date of Nov. 22, when the new “Hunger Games” movie comes out.”

“Its central action scenes unfold in a vast zero-gravity battle-simulation arena, on a space station readying for an alien attack of enormous skittery bugs called Formics. The preteens and young teenagers being trained to save the world play dangerous rounds of laser tag and try to impress the authority figures played by Harrison Ford (a long way from Han Solo), Viola Davis and Ben Kingsley. Asa Butterflied of Hugo is Ender Wiggins, the relentlessly bullied boy with the Hobbitty-sounding name who becomes “Earth’s ultimate military leader,” in the words of the film’s promotional materials. Hailee Steinfeld  of “True Grit” is Petra, his sympathetic best friend and training mentor. They’re sweet together, these kids. Already, Butterfield and Steinfeld are learning the virtue of behaving on camera, as opposed to acting each tense encounter into the ground.

my Critique: It was too Long and the format was funny looking. I feel like they should have also did 1-2 paragraph


My last article is from CNN

It is on the Ender’s Game and it was a little bit longer and the format was to close and at the end of the article they gave it a C+.  They had similar points . overall it was a good article.

Breaking Bad and Anna Nicole: Opera meets pop culture

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Also Happy Halloween! today I only have one article which is from the BBC.

This article is about how  “one World Symphony has a track record in presenting music from Coldplay, the Beatles and U2 alongside the canonical classics of Holst and Strauss in concert programmes. Hong’s successful 2009 production of Paulo Coelho’s bestseller The Alchemist was hailed by The New York Times as “Mahlerian”. More recently he has been conducting such 20th Century operatic classics as Britten’s Peter Grimes and Richard Strauss’ Elektra and Salomé. Hong, if refreshingly unpretentious, is no musical lightweight. So why does he want to give Breaking Bad the operatic treatment?”

“But last week Sung Jin Hong, artistic director of the small New York-based company One World Symphony, revealed he was planning to compose Breaking Bad−Ozymandias, an opera version of Vince Gilligan’s hit AMC TV show. The news sent ripples far beyond the rarefied confines of the classical music universe.”

It was a good article and if you like the show Breaking Bad, or the music on the show …I think you will enjoy this article.

Fashion and Style blog with a little bit of Zombies

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My first article is from the LA Times, called Great Gatsby costumer Catherine Martin a Glamour Woman of the year. The article was about Glamour Magazine is coming out with an issue of the woman of the year which has people like Lady Gaga, Kerry Washington, Gavrielle Giffords and Melinda Gates. (Just to name a few). on the LA Times website they wanted to shine some light on the Tony and Oscar winning designer Catherine Martin. Martin is the creative mind behind the costumes and production designs in husband Baz Luhrman’s films “The Great Gatsby” and “Moulin Rouge,” among others.

My critique on this article would be it could have had a little more information on Catherine. Maybe they could have talked about her background and stated when she won the Tony and Oscar award.  It was a short article but very to the point and maybe Glamour Magazine has more information so they didn’t want to spoil it.

My next article was from The Baltimore Sun and its called Bring on the bridesmaid dress.

“This past weekend my mom, my bridesmaids and I went to pick out the bridesmaid dresses. We allotted about two hours thinking this would be a long and hard process but were in and out in about an hour. ”

“The key was advance planning. My mom and I went ahead of time and picked out the different options we liked. I tried some on and sent pictures of them to the girls ahead of time. Going into the store Saturday, we already had it narrowed down to two dresses. ”

I honestly feel like it was a story instead of it giving information about bridesmaids dresses it was talking about  the writers experience.
My last article was from BBC and it was called Why are zombies still so popular.
Yes, I know it has nothing to do with fashion but I wanted to entertain you guys for this last article.  This article was about zombies is no longer a fad.”Just when you think they’re finished, they get up again and shamble towards you. It’s a truism that applies to zombies − everyone’s favorite decomposing, man-eating fiends − but it’s also true of the zombie films, television series, books and graphic novels that are being devoured by ever greater audiences, long after the fad for this particular breed of undead monster seemed to be heading for the grave.””It’s now more than a decade since zombies began their relentless shuffle into the mainstream of popular culture. In Danny Boyle’s 2002 hit 28 Days Later the mindless cannibals weren’t called zombies − they were simply ‘the infected’ − but they were close enough to remind the film industry that there was money to be made from the dormant horror sub-genre. Two years later saw the release of both a frenetic zombie action movie, Dawn Of The Dead , and a ground-breaking zombie romantic comedy (or zom-rom-com), Shaun Of The Dead   both critical and commercial smashes. Since then, the films have kept lurching onto the silver screen, from 28 Weeks Later (2007) to Zombieland (2009) to Cockneys vs Zombies (2012).”This article was very interesting and had a lot of details about how the movement of zombies in books, movies, video-games, and TV. I feel like everything they stated in the article was some what true. For this article I don’t really have a critique. It was a good read and I really enjoyed it and you will too!

Fashion Articles

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I my first article I read was from The NY Times and it is about how Christopher Bailey would become the chief executive of the Burberry. Mr. Baily will take over the company and will be the first designer to take on the role of chief executive. Which will  not be  counting Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani, who founded their companies. There was some people who were upset that he got the position but as the article said “He’s talented, focused, humble. The real deal.”

I feel like the lead could have been a little better than what it was. they could have made it a direct lead instead of me reading in the background what the main point of the article was about. Other than that it was a very interesting article and I feel like Mr, Bailey has a lot to prove to people who are doubting him.

My second article was from the Baltimore Sun. This article talks about how more people are turning more to the internet for shopping services.

“Karin Lundquist got hooked when she received her Kensie white skinny jeans in the mail. For Whitney Kippes it was the orange-and-gray color-blocked cardigan. And Marian Gunther fell in love with a pair of zip-ankle pants from Nicole Miller Artelier. The three Baltimore women regularly consult the help of online personal shoppers and are often pleasantly surprised by what arrives in the mail each month.”

I loved the article but I also feel like the lead could have been a little better. I do feel like most of the important information was towards the bottom of the page and that some of the less important information was at the top of the page it was unnecessary.

Last but not least my next article is from The Washington Post.  This article was a very interesting and fun read. It could have been a little short but if your into shoes like I am than you will enjoy it.  The article was about how the designer Christian Louboutin came out with a nude line of shoes. He did this so that woman of color can wear his shoes and also because they go with almost everything. The article mentioned how Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge wears them and loves them.

“Now women who are more on the chestnut side of the scale — and more than 22 percent of U.S. women identify as non-white (or non-“fair blush”) according to the Census Bureau — can own a shoe that becomes “a fluid extension of her legs, as in a sketch, elongating the silhouette,” as the designer puts it, in a news release.”

The only critique I give this article is that it was too long and it should have been shorter.

Nineties fashion looms large on the runways

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I found this article is from BBC. There were no other articles on the subject so I will only be using one.

The article was about how the 90’s fashion is becoming more common on the runway.

“In the late nineties, I lived for a time off Portobello Road in West London. I have particularly fond memories of the girls clustered around the pubs in the evenings in slip dresses, shrugged-on neon anoraks, and bright silver Nike Air Max ‘97s, or perhaps, if the weather was fine, a midriff-baring halter top, low-slung raw denim jeans and striped Adidas shower slides (backless, open-toed slippers), worn either with or without socks. Those looks were formative to my sense of style, and I was reminded of them yet again as I made the rounds of New York and London fashion weeks.

And that’s because the nineties are back. Not the grunge nineties, but something more particular–that late decade, rave and Britpop-inflected moment when street style got very sporty. The muse, both then and now, was the model Stella Tennant. The poetic photographs Mark Borthwick took of her back in ’97, looking tomboyishly cool in camisoles and slouchy pants, undoubtedly featured on many a brand’s mood board for Spring 2014.

In New York, for instance, the number one item for spring was probably the slip dress, exemplified nicely at Rag & Bone and Band of Outsiders, and possibly perfected for all time by Olivier Theyskens, who seemed to come into his own at Theyskens’ Theory this season. His finale looks, all gossamer slips and camisoles layered against each other  had an almost moving loveliness. The Band of Outsiders show had passages of real beauty, as well, and got there via an unexpected angle. Designer Scott Sternberg was really pushing the sporty thing this season; somehow, his parka and anorak riffs got at something dreamy.”

I really loved the article and thought it gave a lot of information on the subject.  The only thing I would suggest would be that I wish more articles covered the store.

Here is the article enjoy:

Philly LB Connor Barwin Takes The Bus To Work

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I found my article from , USA Today, and lastly

This article was  about how the 27-year football player who plays for the Eagles rides the bus and his bike to practice. Image

“Barwin, who signed a six-year, $36 million contract with the Eagles during the offseason, tweeted a photo Tuesday of the public bus he rode to work.”

All three of the articles did really say much. it was more of the pictures he took and posted on twitter. I feel like they should have at least had a full blown article on why he takes the bus and more of his point of view. Of course he probably taking the bus to save money. (well that what I think).  

Here are the articles:

Philadelphia LB Connor Barwin takes public bus to Eagles facilities

Eagles linebacker Connor Barwin took the bus to work today