Fashion Articles

Hey guys!

I my first article I read was from The NY Times and it is about how Christopher Bailey would become the chief executive of the Burberry. Mr. Baily will take over the company and will be the first designer to take on the role of chief executive. Which will  not be  counting Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani, who founded their companies. There was some people who were upset that he got the position but as the article said “He’s talented, focused, humble. The real deal.”

I feel like the lead could have been a little better than what it was. they could have made it a direct lead instead of me reading in the background what the main point of the article was about. Other than that it was a very interesting article and I feel like Mr, Bailey has a lot to prove to people who are doubting him.

My second article was from the Baltimore Sun. This article talks about how more people are turning more to the internet for shopping services.

“Karin Lundquist got hooked when she received her Kensie white skinny jeans in the mail. For Whitney Kippes it was the orange-and-gray color-blocked cardigan. And Marian Gunther fell in love with a pair of zip-ankle pants from Nicole Miller Artelier. The three Baltimore women regularly consult the help of online personal shoppers and are often pleasantly surprised by what arrives in the mail each month.”

I loved the article but I also feel like the lead could have been a little better. I do feel like most of the important information was towards the bottom of the page and that some of the less important information was at the top of the page it was unnecessary.

Last but not least my next article is from The Washington Post.  This article was a very interesting and fun read. It could have been a little short but if your into shoes like I am than you will enjoy it.  The article was about how the designer Christian Louboutin came out with a nude line of shoes. He did this so that woman of color can wear his shoes and also because they go with almost everything. The article mentioned how Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge wears them and loves them.

“Now women who are more on the chestnut side of the scale — and more than 22 percent of U.S. women identify as non-white (or non-“fair blush”) according to the Census Bureau — can own a shoe that becomes “a fluid extension of her legs, as in a sketch, elongating the silhouette,” as the designer puts it, in a news release.”

The only critique I give this article is that it was too long and it should have been shorter.


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