Breaking Bad and Anna Nicole: Opera meets pop culture

Hey guys!!

Also Happy Halloween! today I only have one article which is from the BBC.

This article is about how  “one World Symphony has a track record in presenting music from Coldplay, the Beatles and U2 alongside the canonical classics of Holst and Strauss in concert programmes. Hong’s successful 2009 production of Paulo Coelho’s bestseller The Alchemist was hailed by The New York Times as “Mahlerian”. More recently he has been conducting such 20th Century operatic classics as Britten’s Peter Grimes and Richard Strauss’ Elektra and Salomé. Hong, if refreshingly unpretentious, is no musical lightweight. So why does he want to give Breaking Bad the operatic treatment?”

“But last week Sung Jin Hong, artistic director of the small New York-based company One World Symphony, revealed he was planning to compose Breaking Bad−Ozymandias, an opera version of Vince Gilligan’s hit AMC TV show. The news sent ripples far beyond the rarefied confines of the classical music universe.”

It was a good article and if you like the show Breaking Bad, or the music on the show …I think you will enjoy this article.


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