Films Films Films!!

Hey Guys!

Today I will be overwhelming you with articles about Films! My first article is from the BBC.

The name of this article is Dallas Buyers Club: A new film tackles Aids. it is about Matthew McConaughey is the most high-profile American star to portray a person with Aids on the big screen since Tom Hanks in the 1993 film Philadelphia.

McConaughey plays Texas Aids activist, Ron Woodroof in the new film Dallas Buyers Club, which is released in the US this week.

My critique to this article: I feel the article was too short and I feel like the writer should do 1-2 para’s because its it seems like its too much when it all together ( fix the format) .  Other than that it sounds like a very interesting movie.

My next article is from The Baltimore Sun. 

This was more of a review of  the movie Ender’s Game

” With its sensitive, tactically brilliant 12-year-old hero, “Ender’s Game ” is a bit of a tweener, neither triumph nor disaster, a war-games fantasy with a use-by date of Nov. 22, when the new “Hunger Games” movie comes out.”

“Its central action scenes unfold in a vast zero-gravity battle-simulation arena, on a space station readying for an alien attack of enormous skittery bugs called Formics. The preteens and young teenagers being trained to save the world play dangerous rounds of laser tag and try to impress the authority figures played by Harrison Ford (a long way from Han Solo), Viola Davis and Ben Kingsley. Asa Butterflied of Hugo is Ender Wiggins, the relentlessly bullied boy with the Hobbitty-sounding name who becomes “Earth’s ultimate military leader,” in the words of the film’s promotional materials. Hailee Steinfeld  of “True Grit” is Petra, his sympathetic best friend and training mentor. They’re sweet together, these kids. Already, Butterfield and Steinfeld are learning the virtue of behaving on camera, as opposed to acting each tense encounter into the ground.

my Critique: It was too Long and the format was funny looking. I feel like they should have also did 1-2 paragraph


My last article is from CNN

It is on the Ender’s Game and it was a little bit longer and the format was to close and at the end of the article they gave it a C+.  They had similar points . overall it was a good article.


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