‘The Real World’ shakeup: MTV changes format for first time

Hey Guys!! 


So I  found this article on CNN, Entertainment weekly, and ET online  about how the reality show “Real World” is changing to Real World Ex-Plosion. “They’ll start to form bonds, with each other and with San Francisco locals. Then, one month into the three-month shoot, they’ll go away for a day trip. When they return, they’re in for a huge shock: Their exes have moved in too.” Sound crazy to go on a trip and  just to come back and see you EX living in the house as your cast mate. This season they will also be giving the cast mates smartphone which is also new. The show airs sometime next year and I can’t wait!! 

My critique for the CNN: it was a good article and gave a lot of information about they show and this ideas that they have for upcoming seasons.

ET: Had the same information and they put a picture up of the cast members and they add some more extra information . it was a little shorter than CNN article.

Lastly Entertainment Weekly : was short and left out some information but had some of the same point that  CNN had.


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