Philomena’ gets its R rating lowered to PG-13

Hey Guys!!


I got  my articles from The Guardian, The LA Times, and  Airing News

For all of those teenage boys dying to see Judi Dench playing an elderly Irish woman: Now you don’t have to bring your parents to get into “Philomena.”

In a victory against the Motion Picture Assn. of America that could be as much publicity win as potential box-office triumph, the  Weinstein Co. successfully appealed the R rating given to the Dench movie, which had been handed  PG-13 mark.

“Philomena,” which stars the Academy Award winner as a mother searching for a son she was forced to give up for adoption 50 years earlier, was initially given the restrictive rating because it included more than one utterance of a certain expletive, an automatic trigger in most instances of an R rating.


The only Critique I can give would be Airing News didn’t have any thing. There was two paragraphs to the article and it gave a link to the LA Times piece.  Other than that I felt like the other two articles did a good job and they both told the story in two different ways, but they both had the main points.


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